How to Get Started with Skill Templates

This five-minute getting-started video provides an introduction to building a basic Alexa skill. You can expect the same level of detail and quality from all of the videos in our library. See this page for access to more videos.

How it Works


Install Node.js v8.10 from


Install git from


Get an Amazon Developer Account at


Get an AWS account. Signup at


Reference the ASK CLI Quick Start Guide for details

Build Alexa Skills with Dabble Lab

Learn how to build custom Alexa skills, using our templates as a powerful starting point. All of our tutorial videos follow the same format and are accompanied by written instructions as well. Here are a selection of videos—access more using the button below.

What Our Users Say

Great video tutorial. I am thankful to the Dabble Lab team for creating some of the best Alexa developer tools/content.

Rick Ortega

Thanks so much for doing these. They're really great! I made a skill from the audio player template. I'm now trying to make another skill from the same template.

Eric Oswald

Thanks for updating this video. Really helpful to figure out where I was going wrong.

Robert Murray

This is SO helpful! Thanks for putting this video together!

April Tellers

Thanks for the helpful video. Very useful !!

Ram Kumar Sunderavel

Wow Steve. You do have a great skill to explain that in an AWESOME way. Loved the video. Looking forward for more videos 🤓👍

Caio Bulgarelli

Just followed your tutorial through and this is brilliant, hmmmm what can I build, though I need an Alexa, mine arrives tomorrow!

Nick Lewis

This was pretty interesting Steve. Those extra tips made it for me. I failed to properly configured it the first time. Thank you for posting great, updated content.

Juan González

These have been helpful. Thank you.

Nick Mortensen

Thank you for this tutorial, super useful.

Krista Vitola

Didn’t watched it so far (but will do it right now!) - the video we requested and you just made, thanks for having an open ear for the community!


This is awesome !! Its a lot better than the guides provided. Did it in one shot and had my skill running. Thanks A lot.

Avinandan Saha

This is an excellent tutorial. Steve is totally supportive and knowledgeable.


This is really a good tutorial and I was able to follow it in-spite of the updated UI made on the developer console.

Hussain Bharmal

Smashing videos buddy. I'm thinking of jumping right in and trying to create a skill for a "subjective" question.

Marco Mckay

Hey! Beginner here! I followed the steps and got it working great!

Mehuel Divecha

Hi Steve! I have been following your videos on youtube and they have been of great help to get started with alexa skills. I am working on a personal project where I am trying to implement a basic question-answer alexa skill where alexa should respond with a corresponding audio to the question being asked.

Mahima Gupta

Thank you for your videos, I think it's very well done.

Donatien le_pomellec

First of all, love all these videos I think I have spent 3 hours watching all of them.

Mike Shoss

Hi Steve, thank you so much for all your videos, they are extremely helpful and are very well done!

Katya Verbitsky

testHey Steve! This has been a very helpful tutorial. Thanks for posting!imonial

Nikita Jain

Hi, Steve, I have been following your videos, they are great.

Harmeet Singh

Thanks a ton so happy to find a newer video with all the recent changes.


Thanks for the video, it was so helpful to understand the process with the new UI.

Michael Siregar

Thank you for this! You're teaching the basic fundamental concepts of Javascript in a context of a real project, and an Alexa skill at that, which is pretty rare but awesome. Keep going! Hope you can also do Google Assistant + Firebase as well in the future. :)

Ray K

Thank you for creating this video. I haven't programmed Alexa for 1-1/2 years and this got me up and running again with no frustration. Streaming would be impossible for me without your code and lesson. Thank you very much for this.

Marty B

Great explanation, great video! Very clear, very thorough with an easy to understand example.

Luan Nguyen

Very enlightening. I am struggling with both JavaScript and NodeJS after a lifetime of programming with Delphi Pascal. Thanks, I will be watching out for your following vids.

Geoff Jenkins

Excellent tutorial! I tried to follow Amazon's docs for creating a skill but they all seemed frustratingly out of date. This tutorial was really clear and helpful. Thank you so much!

James Clark

I very much like your videos and templates. There are many moving parts between start and finish on skills, and your walkthrough makes it pretty simple to follow. I also especially appreciate your trying to keep current with amazon's changing sites, steps and requirements.

Robert Elens